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Nicole Strong

Thank you for making this blog. I'm in high school and we're having a mock trial and this definately helped prepare my whole side for what we should expect.


ahh thanks for these notes! im a freshman in high school and we're doing a trial over global warming and this really worked for me! thanks!!!!!!!!!

Angela Auten

I am a judge in a mock trial, but I wanted to know about the opening statement. I want to write a book. I am a high school student, but hopefully when I start the book it will come out great. I read the book Monster. I loved it and now I want to write something like that. It will be a different case and it isn't going to be a journal like Monster (which I still own). I was going to make up a case. I love my criminal law class and I am going to dedicate my book to that class. I decided to write this book today. I hope it comes out great.


Thanks , im also doing a mock trial for of mice and men . Im the defense attourney and I didnt know where to start , hopefully this will help me . =)


totally wonderful needed this. im a high school defense attorney and needed this! thanks a bunch!


I am a high school student preparing a mock trial as well. I want to be a lawyer, so these articles will really help me in the long run. Thanks!


OMG it helped me like mad!!!!
I'm having a Mock Trial Tournament this week and there's a $200 prize for each for the winning team!!!!
I felt dying while doing the opening statement but u saved me!!!!!!
Thank you captain, oh my captain!


This was more than helpful in aiding me in winning my case thank you!


Thank you so much! Like many others I am also doing a mock trial. My debate is based on the story "A Man Without a Country" and I must argue that Philip Nolan's punishment violates the 8th Amendment.

sarah diller

Hi i am in 5th grade and i didnt exactly know how to write an opening statment this really helped alot THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

Mark. D Bergman

About two weeks ago I found this site, I have to say it has been very informative. I have never studied law in school, but since 1993 I have been involved in creating new State law, appealing the first OHSA 11(c) whistle-blower case (on the west coast), one wrongful cloud upon a title, one breach of contract, one mechanics' lien, one Credit Card, I prepared and wrote two appeals, two Writs of Certiorair, and I am presently a defendant/counterclaimant in a banking transaction error case.
Yes, I am an starting to become an old man now, but I have really enjoyed your disclosure of this well of knowlegde. I can only advise your future visitors to read everything more than once, because it is such great writing that it cannot be taken in completly on just one pass. Last, do not study law unless you love it and want to learn why laws are created and we need laws to hold this great nation above all the rest. Thank you for your site and I will be back.


Thank you! I am a high school student preparing for a mock trial and your this has helped me a lot with preparing my opening statement


i agree with the april 1st person. I like to eat my hotdogs cut down the middle with a bacon strip placed into it. mmmmm.


Thank you so much! This has been very helpful. I'm a high school student and having to prepare for a mock trial is nerve-wracking!!

DJ Pauly D

muy muy helpful. im preparing a mock trial case and this has been most helpful.


Thankss I am also a highschool student getting ready for a mock trial and this really helps.

Future Attorney

this article has helped me a lot, i'm in mock trial as well for my first year and need as much help as i can get.


I was stuck with being the lead attorney for a mock trial in history class. I can't thank you enough for writing this. I didn't even know what the heck an opening statement was before reading this. Thanks Again

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