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If you have any time to drop in on a trial for the next 2-3 weeks, Room 2506 at the Daley Center has a good one. It's the suit by one of the DuPage 7 prosecutors, Tom Knight, against the Chicago Tribune. All sorts of slimey Tribune behavior is being aired, which is fun.

Also, the trial features one of the better trial judges in the Daley Center, Judge Robert Gordon. I've done two trials with him and he really knows his stuff, makes great rulings, especially on evidentiary matters.

You can see from the trib story below he has thrown out much of the garbage that both sides wanted to introduce.

Today, I found myself sitting next to colunnist Eric Zorn. Testimony was how he did a hatchet job, slanted column, on the day the DuPage 7 trial was to begin (or the civil trial was to begin, I'm not sure).

Court took a break so I took the opportunity to rip into Zorn personally for doing exactly the same thing to my client, defendants in a case where he wrote a slanted column the day the trial was to begin. He even wrote about settlement negotiations, what was offere and failed to write about the verdict, which we won.,1,3278790.story?coll=chi-business-hed

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