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I've always said that lawyers are the biggest gamblers I've ever known. What other industry has people investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for something that may or may not pay a single dime. If the cases do pay off, the return can be enormous. It may take years and years to get any return, but it still can be a financial windfall.
According to the criteria listed in this post, the big question seems to be whether or not Pzizer knew that Viagra could cause problems with someones eyesight. My guess would be that this is not a mass tort worth investing in, but I've been wrong before. I remember thinking that many of the people that took Baycol were in poor health to begin with.
Evan, are you looking into these cases? If not, why?


Tom: So far, the closest I've come to litigation involving
Viagra is this post. Why not more? I haven't even looked into enough to answer the question. Maybe I will later.

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