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Eh Nonymous

Most favorite kind of discovery production: text-searchable PDFs.

Least favorite kind of production: boxes and boxes and boxes of loose paper, packed as densely as a rubber brick. Usually not because of bad faith (removing folders or rubber bands or labels) but simply because many humans are disorganized, and we're receiving their files.

Most amusing finds in discovery: the unredacted version of a previously produced redacted document. Either a different attorney reviewed the second one for privilege or confidentiality, or the same person missed it the second time, or it came from a different source. Often includes salty language.

Most-desired finds: e-mails like the one described by where the lawyer says, "Gee, fellow attorney, I just made a big mistake, could be a $1 million malpractice suit if I'm wrong..."

Least-desired find: E-mail from client (or from opposing party, or attorney) clearly establishing that our claim is not meritorious.

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