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Tom McKinney

Yes, showing jurors is very powerful if the films are digitized right. It is not as easy as it sounds using a digital camera and light box. You may get a digital image that you can put into your computer. But you may not get everything imaged that is on the film. It may be fuzzy/blurred. Even missing some of the image. The digital camera lens may not have the quality of optics neccessary. If you are going to use the digital images in a trial. You want the best possible. You have your clients life and financial future at stake. Nothing to gamble with by using un- professional images that don't meet the American Radiological Society of America Standards. We have many attorneys from all across the US send us medical films to digitize. Because we do it right with a Vidar DiagnosticPro Advantage medical film digitizer. It is the same medical film digitizer used in most major hospitals. We digitize the films at or exceeding the American Radiological standards. We also digitize medical films that are used in Medical Research Studies and Universities. If you are going to use digital images of your clients x-rays I highly recommed that you have it done right.

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