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Translation for Lawyers

When deposing a non-English-speaking witness, it is conceivable that the witness’s answer to the question you did not ask is the result of a less than accurate language interpretation by the deposition interpreter.

To minimize the chances of witness’s testimony being lost in the translation, always use professional court-certified interpreters, if certification programs in the witness’s native language exist.

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I am a mental health counselor, and I am interested in the coaching process from which an attorney might benefit. How can a lawyer use active listening skills that approach the emotions of a witness? When does such skill-building become manipulation of the human condition? What does the process look like when a mental health professional consults an attorney on matters of the heart? The intersection of humanity and justice is a topic of grand importance...


Another interesting thing happens when a non-English-speaking witness who testified through a deposition interpreter at a deposition decides to change his testimony after the deposition. For details please see:

"Yes, It’s Possible to Change Deposition Testimony of a Foreign Witness"

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