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Ron Miller

Just used a Google earth blowup yesterday, Evan. Hung jury, unfortunately, but it really is a neat tool. If you don't try cases, you can at least go find the house you lived at when you were 10!

Ron Miller

Oh, I didn't see the authentication comment. Stipulations are pretty easy (you look dumb objecting) but if it fairly and accurately depicts as the scene was on the date of the accident, you should be fine. Moreover, it is the same as a drawing, even if by some off chance you get in admitted, you can certainly show it to the jury as an unadmitted exhibit.

But, going back to your first point, it would be hard not to get a stipualation from counsel on it.


A great new resource is google streetview. Type the address you want to see into google maps and if they have mapped your area the "streetview" option is listed in the box on the map. It gives you a 360 degree street level view of the location. This has just come to my city and is quite impressive. Can't wait to use it in a trial situation.

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