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Bill Tilley

Very funny, thanks for the diversion.


How about:

Hey, Mother F&^%er, here's your stipulation for dismissal, you big crybaby pu^sy! Well, to be frank, STIPULATION MY A$$! I only agreed to it because YOUR IGNORANT CRYBABY ass would go whining to the judge again, and that leftist a$$hole should have never ascended to the bench to start with, much less stayed there for damned near three decades now! I wish I could take you AND that GD little prissy a$$ "judge" in camera for five minutes ... just five F&^KING minutes...JUST FIVE FU&%ING MINUTES!!

Fu&^ing Louisiana "jurisprudence"! Boy, you are some kind of lucky The Kingfish or Uncle Earl wasn't still running this show or you can bet your sweet a$$ that you'd be taking a real long walk down a real short pier ... nailed to that GDed excuse for a jurist. You FU^*ING F@G!

Cheers, mother f&^%er,

Bubba, Esq.

P.S.: Oh, by the way, YOU ARE A DICK! And incidentally, [drumroll] ... Yep! Your are correct in your estimation! That IS in fact what you smell! I signed this letter in, AND I sealed the envelope with, my own $hit, you fu#@ing moron! Now, if you don't mind, please herewith, henceforth, and hereafter now until eternity PLEASE GO F$*KEST THYSELF!

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