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David Schreiber

On this subject, some tech items that I have liked:
1. scanner: Fujitsu Scansnap 1500s (great desktop scanner for about $410)
2. iPhone - some great free apps like some of the dictation ones
3. make use of your computer's CD burner -sending document production/discovery digitally- by CD (if you're scanning in documents as they come in, this is a great time and postage saver)
4. backing up documents via a flashdrive/external harddrive. The Seagate 500gb one is under 100.00 and the 320gb is now about 60.00 at some stores. Plenty of memory for your files.
5. If you have been scanning in your documents, you can give your clients a CD containing their records at the end of the case and save your copy digitally without using a lot of space up in your office with the old paper method.

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