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s hodges

We have an unusual Request for Admissions from an administrative hearing before the Dept. of Defense. The DOD is doing clean sweeps thru personnel pulling up credit reports and alleging that bad credit means that the individual is a risk to national security. So they have finally drawn the fine line. Now we have the DOD accusing people of being an enemy of the state if they can't fix a credit report. They want the individual to admit or deny each item on the credit report. We cited the Federal Evidence Code "compiled report" hearsay citations and objected, but if anybody wants to add something, they are doing this in every state and eventually they are going to get around to you. We need a little help on this one, we need to work together to knock this out.


I couldn't find an answer how to response in case a requesting party stated many facts in one paragraph some of which were true and others were not.

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